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ShariahCap Advisors is a blend of individuals with traditional values and a contemporary outlook. It is a platform for professionals to collaborate and contribute to the Indian economy and financial system by supporting businesses, entrepreneurs and the public by providing guidance and certification to bridge the trust gap between businesses and the public.

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ShariahCap Advisors is a boutique consulting, training and research firm working in the niche area of Islamic, ethical and sustainable finance. Our highly competent team can help our clients looking for shariah-compliant products and services, capital and ratings as well as shariah certification.

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What people have to say

When GIC Re was establishing its Retakaful desk in 2008-09, timely Shariah advisory support was provided by Dr. Shariq Nisar and his team. Dr. Shariq has deep knowledge of Islamic finance, including Takaful and the Indian stock market. With his global network and access to eminent Shariah scholars, Dr. Shariq could provide monitoring of GIC Re’s Retakaful operations and Shariah certifications, which were acceptable to the long-standing clientele of GIC Re among the Takaful companies of the Middle East and North Africa region, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Dr. Shariq also conducted workshops on Takaful & Retakaful for the employees of GIC Re. I extend best wishes to ShariahCap.


Mr Farruk Shah – Former CEO

GIC Re, Dubai


What people have to say

I had the opportunity to coordinate with Dr. Shariq Nisar closely and he acted as a midwife in the birth of Taurus Ethical Fund, India’s first actively managed Shariah-compliant equity fund. Dr. Shariq Nisar’s knowledge of Shariah for financial markets is second to none. The team of ShariahCap has impressive credentials and their knowledge, practical approach, and expertise coupled with Shariah-compliant intentions will benefit everyone. Taurus MF wishes ShariahCap the best!


Mr Waqar Naqvi – CEO

Taurus Mutual Fund


What people have to say

It was indeed a great pleasure interacting with ShariahCap team while vetting our project for Shariah compliance certification. The team has an impressive and in-depth knowledge of the subject. Also, Dr Shariq’s humility and patience in explaining the philosophy behind the principles of Shariah laws and process was equally impressive. I look forward to a long-term relationship with ShariahCap.


Mr Pramod Kumar – Director

Shanders Properties


What people have to say

The role of ShariahCap Advisors in bringing more than a dozen Shariah-compliant smallcases to the shelf for both retail and HNI observant Muslims in a record time made it possible for SenSage Financial Services to scale new heights and create wealth for faith-based investors.


M S Shabbir – Founder & MD

SenSage Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.


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Our expert team

Led by a pioneer of Shariah-compliant products and services in India, ShariahCap brings together Islamic finance experts, Shariah scholars and finance professionals from varied domains. The team at ShariahCap Advisors is a combination of skills, experience and while striking a balance between ethics, finance, compliances and sustainability.